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The Dulles Regional Chamber remains committed to monitoring and making recommendations transportation needs of our area.   We have just sent a letter to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority regarding selection of transportation projects going forward.  Specifically, we have urged them to give priority to projects that:

  • Move the greatest number of people;
  • Reduce congestion and travel time between major employment centers and communities;
  • Increase reliability of the network region-wide while producing the best long-term return on investment;
  • Enhance regional security.

We have urged them to re-examine the draft FY15-16 project list and re-focus our regional tax dollars on projects with the greatest regional and long-term significance. Specifically, the Route 28 and Route 1 widening, Route 28 bypass study, Fairfax County Parkway Improvements study, and Loudoun County Parkway extension to U.S. 50, meet such criteria. Several proposed transit projects such as 8-car Metro Train power upgrades, Connector Bus Service Expansion, Innovation Center Metrorail Station construction also meet this criteria.

We further urge that a greater, more substantial balance be set aside in reserve until other projects of greater regional significance are ready for construction and that FY 2015-2016 investments be limited to those with the greatest congestion reduction potential. A coordinated, long-term, regional strategy consisting of projects of greatest regional significance is essential to our region’s future economic competiveness and quality of life. It’s how well our regional dollars are invested, not how fast that matters most.

U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are considering an overhaul of the U.S. income-tax system.  As a result, there are also discussions about the possibilities of a consumption tax.  In a recent Wall Street Journal article, John D. McKinnon discussed what lawmakers are considering.

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